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Impressed Current Cathodic Protection

Use of Cassettes on a Queensland coal tunnel to give true cathodic protection.

Cathodic Protection (CP) was first used to protect steel ship hulls in the 1800's but was not considered for protection of steel in concrete until the 1950's when remote anodes were used to protect buried or immersed concrete elements. With the anodes for these early designs soil or water were necessary to spread the current over the concrete surface.  In the 1980's anodes were developed that could be applied directly to the concrete surface to spread the current sufficiently. Since then many anode materials and delivery systems have been developed for above ground concrete applications. SRCP provide some of these systems and provide designers and contractors technical support in their use.

Impressed Current CP (ICCP) controls the corrosion of steel in concrete by applying a direct current to the surface of the embedded steel. The ICCP system requires a rectifier to supply the DC power, an anode to distribute the current over the concrete surface, an electrolyte between the anode and reinforcement (moist concrete), wiring between the rectifier and anode and reference cells to monitor the potentials of the reinforcement. By monitoring the potentials the user can check that the protection criteria set by the international standards have been met. While many ICCP systems have manual checking of the rectifiers output and measured potentials remote monitoring is increasing used.

SRCP provides the widest range of impressed current cathodic protection systems for reinforced concrete. These include:

- Cassette Surface Mounted Ribbon Anode

- Zebra Conductive Paint Anode System

- CorroDisc precast surface mounted mesh anodes in acid proof mortar

- Camur control and monitoring system for any ICCP system

- ERE 20 Half Cells for monitoring CP systems

- Ribbon Paste acid proof mortar to fill ribbon anode slots

- The DurAnode System


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