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Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal

This was the first Cassette installation in Australia. Freyssinet found it simple and rapid to install even though access was severely restricted.

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High Level Bridge, WA

Savcor's installation manger felt that if Cassettes had been available at the start of the project they would have been ideal for the whole project.

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Stockton Bridge, NSW

NSW Roads and Maritime Services undertook trials on the use of ZLA to provide cathodic protection on piers where corrosion was active.

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Zinc Tape Projects

Click the read more to review seven projects where Zinc Tape has been used on projects around the world.

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Yowaka Bridge, NSW

Corrosion was quite advanced in some areas of the bridge and RMS decided to install Roll Anodes in top of the pile caps.

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400+ Zebra Installations

Read how over 400 Zebra conductive paint CP systems have been applied in Europe in the last 20 years.

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